Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Moving Update

We are officially moving November 5th. We found an apartment in Bellevue that fits in our budget well and gives us enough room to store all our crap - because we have way to much of it! We started packing this week and wow do we have a long way to go.

We hired movers this time so I didn't have to bother my family once again. Plus it will be so much easier and in less than 4 hours everything will just be moved! I will be going to work in the morning and when I’m done...I’ll be going home to my new apartment! How cool is that? Jeremy's going to handle everything, he's been working so hard to get stuff done at the house it’s been a real lifesaver :).

Although we are moving from our “home” to an apartment, I’m excited to be close to everything again. Its also only 5 minutes from my work, so my commute will be EASY!!! :) I can't wait to have a short commute again...this 45 minute commute everyday is exhausting! We’ll be right off both 405 and 520, and only about 5 minutes or so to the Tech City Bowl! So break out your bowling shoes people we’re going to become bowling fools! Yes, as my girlfriend said, I’m really dating myself now lol. But Hey…bowling comes with beer remember? :P

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Goodbye Snoqualmie! SOLD!!!

Man its been a while since i posted, things have just been a whirl wind lately.

Our house finally sold! We are so excited - closing is set for November 10th. We've already gone through the inspection and everything is good. Just waiting for appraisal now and then it looks like we are good to go. We met the buyers earlier this week and they are an adorable couple, so i'm super excited to be giving the house to them...they will love it!

I think we're going to start looking for a place this weekend. Since Jeremy is not working at the moment we are going to get an apartment for the time being. Bank any money we make off the house and save it for a downpayment on the next house, and save any other money we can while we are there. We'll be getting a place closer to Seattle. I'm very excited to once again be living within minutes to everything...and hopefully less than 20-30 minutes from my mom! yes, in my old age i actually think about how far i am away from my mom, i've come full circle i tell ya!

I'll update this once we find a place and with any other interesting news :)