Friday, September 4, 2009

The Fall Market Upswing

So it seems that the market is changing. We have had 5 people in the past week come through our place. We had one very lowball offer, which we countered and never heard anything back from. Apparently they then put a lowball offer in next they think we don't talk to our neighbors?

I checked the market this morning though, and our house plus our neighbors are the lowest in the area, I believe its well priced and I guess if we're lucky we should expect some sort of sale this fall. Keep good thoughts flowing our direction :).

Houses in the area we want seem to be steady, so I'm keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be able to find a nice house when ours finally sells. I'm really hoping we can move prior to December so that when we leave on our December vacation it will be easier (easier to get rides to the airport, easier for people to come check on the cats, etc.) I'm really looking forward to decorating a new house! We went to Bed bath and beyond yesterday to get a gift for one of our many weddings this fall and I was looking at all the nice pictures and paintings, the couch I want for our new home was also on sale at Fred Meyer, I can't wait to start nesting a permanent place! It was fun picking out the remodel of our bathroom 2 years ago, I can't wait to do that again...picking paint colors and other fun stuff to make our home ours, it will be so fun!

So if your reading, wish us good luck, we're going to need it :)

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