Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Time!

So Jeremy’s brother, wife & two kids came in early Saturday morning. We cleaned out the 3rd bedroom, moved the catbox & kitty food into our bedroom and were able to get them settled as of Saturday night. So far its been a blast…definitely learning what its like to have kids in the house, and the mess that they make! But one other thing I’ve learned is that our office/guest room and now play room is set up absolutely perfectly!

Its hard to show in photo’s, but here is a really bad diagram of our room setup:

Saturday night, after getting all of their stuff settled into the 3rd bedroom the boys went and played on the computer…after the baby went to bed somehow little Katie and I ended up in the office, sitting on the daybed watching cartoons. And Sunday too the kids ended up in there. For whatever reason everyone just seems to migrate to where the boys are hanging out…and the best part about it, the room is setup just for that! And technically I didn’t even plan it that way!

It definitely starts making me daydream of the time when we have kids, daddy on the computer, our little munchkin watching Saturday morning cartoons. It’s even making me rethink the two bedrooms downstairs thing….but don’t tell Jeremy that. I am just loving the combined office and playroom! I guess we’ll see how it is when we finally have kids…I can’t wait!

Oh, and speaking of the office, Jeremy and I were able to put up shelves earlier this month and I unpacked all my books on Sunday! I still have some decorative things to unpack, and I still have 3-4 boxes of my desk stuff and other misc office junk as well as Jeremy’s games to unpack. But we’re getting closer every day! The office seems to be the only room that I’m feeling is reaching “complete” status. I have so much more to do to all of the other rooms…but unfortunately most of them are on hold until later this year due to other bills that need to be paid first…and of course the outside landscaping which is going to become a focus here in the next couple months, but I will get to them!

Jeremy’s parents get in on Friday and will be staying till the 22nd – it’s going to be a full house as his brother and family doesn’t leave till then either. 7 adults and 2 kids! I have a feeling some of us aren’t getting hot showers at that point! We’re also be having our housewarming party on the 20th! So a busy week is ahead of me still. Luckily I’m taking Friday and Tuesday off, so I will have a nice long 5 day weekend to spend with the in-laws. I’ll try to update the blog with all of the fun happenings!

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