Monday, May 23, 2011

Picture Gallery

I have become a blog junkie, which is why I try, and fail so successfully to keep a blog of our house and our life. My number one blog that I read however, is Their style is a lot like mine, I love almost everything they do and they help me get inspiration to feel like I can do that too!

And…I did! Inspired by their awesome Hallway of frames, discussed in this post here:

I too did my own, very scaled down version

And I even followed their directions!

And just like them too…I had that newspaper on my walls for almost a month before we got around to hanging the frames lol. But oh was it worth it! I love it!!

I filled the frames with pictures from our travels. Everything from our wedding in Hawaii, Vegas with our friends, our trip around Europe and our Winter escape to the Caribbean. Hoping in the future to add more trips to the collage. But for now, it’s done and just like them….we heart it as well <3.

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