Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Back!

Yes that’s right, I’m back!

It’s been an extremely busy summer and I’ve kind of neglected my poor site…but I plan on fixing that! I have a TON of stuff to post about so in the coming weeks look forward to hearing about:

• My adventures in Cake Pops! Yes that’s right – I made cake pops, twice! It was fun and messy and if you have kids a great thing to do!

• Our master bedroom redo. Wow has it changed since May, we got a new bed, a new comforter set, a new dresser….and its really coming along. Still have more things to do, but my list is shrinking.

• The single best gift I’ve ever received for my birthday! Yep, its house related – and its great! That is coming from someone who has received some really GREAT gifts (yes tivo I still love you).

• The single best house modification for cats!

• New appliances, think clean.

• My outdoor struggles, pains and just plain old dirtiness.

• And more...

In no particular, all I need to do is upload lots of pictures, how hard can that be? ...stay tuned!

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