Monday, December 12, 2011

Master Bedroom Update!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I have a TON of updates to tell you about my master bedroom redo! The last time I posted we had just finished painting and I had picked a bed. Well – the bed came and it is beautiful! But I’ll save that for a moment…

Redoing the ceiling required us to move all our furniture out of the room, and when we moved it back in we didn’t necessarily move the same stuff back in. A couple weeks before the redo I found a screaming deal on the Hemnes Ikea dresser that I have wanted for a long time. $50! The only thing wrong with it was that one of the wooden pieces between the drawers had broken in half….$5 at Lowes for a piece of wood and touch up paint and poof! It was good as new. See finished product here:

So that went on the wall by the door. Then our big chest returned as well as nightstands. And of course the frameless bed….until our new one came in!

When Jeremy first put the bed frame up I walked into the room and about had a heart attack – although it was beautiful it looked WAY too big for the room. I almost cried. Then we spent the next weekend putting the rest of the room together. Up went the curtains again, in came my oversized mirror, we mounted my new flat panel TV on the wall, I put up the round mirror that had been left by the previous owners above the headboard and I bought new lamps to go on the Ikea dresser. All of a sudden…the bed looked perfect! I don’t know if the added height of the curtains, mirrors and TV did something but suddenly the bed wasn’t the only thing you noticed in the room…and I was ecstatic!

I also bought a new nightstand for my side of the bed. You can see that in the very last picture. I bought it at Ross and to be honest I'm not 100% sold. I'm starting to think a white paint job might brighten it up a bit. The previous night stands were WAY too low for the height of the new bed, so this definitely helps with that. And I love the storage and shelves. But I'm not 100% sure if its fitting what I want.

In addition to all those changes we got a new duvet cover as well! And that I LOVE! Jeremy took a trip down to Portland and swung by the West Elm store and bought it for me. Its perfect! Gives the room some texture and color and really brightens it up! It also goes perfect with the new lamps we purchased as well! I'm really loving the blue that we're bringing into the room. We did order King shams as well, but they are on I'll post pictures of those when they finally come in.

So without further ado, here are the updated pictures:

So…its coming along. I still have a few things we need to get to complete it:

A chair – I’d like to put a chair on the wall near the window, something cozy so I can spend time in there reading.
A tall dresser – I’m thinking an old French style chest painted light blue to match the new duvet and lamps
Art – I’d like to put up something small by the tv in redish tones and some larger art above the nightstands.
Lighting next to the bed – I have not decided on this yet. Could be swag lights hanging above the nightstands, or floor lamps or possibly even wall lighting. Its hard to figure out exactly what will look good there and with no overhead lighting in the room this is the light that turns on with the switch which I would like to be bright.

Hope all of this was worth the wait!

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