Wednesday, January 25, 2012

21 Weeks!

So we're still working on a name, we had decided on one, and I was just about to post it on the blog and tell the world...and then we thought of another one, and now we are torn. So...we will be sleeping and chatting and discussing some more to hopefully narrow it down soon. Its such a big decision!

In the meantime, here is a picture of me from tonight. I can definitely see a difference from 3 weeks ago.

Our little baby is getting big!!!

How far along?: 21 weeks

Total weight gain: holding strong at 7lbs still....

How big is baby?: 10 1/2 inches from head to heal - the length of a carrot.

Maternity clothes?: Yep, picked up more maternity clothes from my friend Kathryn on Monday, so I have been having fun picking out outfits to wear this week.

Stretch marks?: Nope, and hoping to stay that way.

Sleep?: Pregnancy insomnia is starting to kick in, twice this week I woke up to pee and was up for another 2 hours after the fact. Randomly I still have some energy.

Best moment this week?: Dinner with my mom. Chinese New Year with friends and visiting Kathryn and her little baby boy! (My baby girls's future boyfriend)

Movement?: Oh ya! She's a mover...

Food cravings?: Still craving sweets.

Labor signs?: Still nothing, thank god!

Belly button in or out?: In.

What I miss: Feeling rested.

What I'm looking forward to this week: One for the money! And going to register at Babies R Us with my mom.

Weekly Wisdom: Don't stress about your registry, you will figure it all out and whatever you get will work!

Milestone: Stepping into tight fitting clothes and accepting that I have a Buddha belly.

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