Monday, January 16, 2012

Its a GIRL!!!

Our doctor appointment went great on Friday. Happy to find out the baby is very healthy and even more excited to find out its a GIRL!!!

I thought for sure it was a boy! And our poll was 60% for boy. So it was a wonderful surprise, I'm still kind of in shock, and its even weirder now to be able to say "she is moving" and every other thing that goes with gender. No more he/she/it sayings, and oh how I hated saying "it", but it happened.

So this weekend we spent time together, giggling over our soon to be princess and cleaning out the 3rd room to start working on the nursery. Jeremy plans to take down the popcorn ceilings and paint the room next month, so then I can get to work on decorating. Thought I would pop up some of my inspiration pictures of where I am currently thinking the direction of decorating will go. Currently thinking we are going to do Gray & white with a splash of pink and turquoise or aqua throughout. Here are some pic's of some rooms I love:

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