Friday, December 10, 2010

Desk overload!

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with desks at the moment…how does 2 people need 4 desks! Well…we don’t. In fact out of the 4, only 1 is useful! Now isn’t that a quandary – I’m still in need of another desk! Lol

And how did our little family end up with 4 desks…well…here we go….

We started out with our two desks, L shaped desks. They worked great in Snoqualmie, we managed in Bellevue but after two moves Jeremy’s is practically falling apart. And although mine is still in great shape we want to put both our desks plus a daybed in our 2nd bedroom….and two L shaped desks plus a daybed just doesn’t work. So we started our search for regular desks. I found this GREAT oak desk on craigslist for free – yep, FREE! And we went and picked it up, it was beautiful. I originally planned to sand it down and stain it to match our other furniture…but when we got it home we realized it won’t fit downstairs! Really? Our doors are only 29” wide down there. So we debated it for a while and realized trudging that up to the 2nd bedroom, re-staining it, etc etc was just way to much effort for a short period of time…cause once we don’t have a renter it will need to go downstairs, and this desk, won’t do that.

We did mention we were going to have a renter right? Side note – our house has 3 bedrooms upstairs, and 1.5 bedrooms down – basically it’s a bedroom and a den, or a bedroom and a very small living area. So we made a deal with our friend Travis and he’s going to be moving in come January. Works for us, we don’t need that space yet, and a little extra money while Jeremy is in school could really come in handy when it comes to fixing up and furnishing our beloved home….

But back to the desks – so now we have our two L shaped desks in the garage and this gigantic but beautiful oak desk. And after measuring downstairs (where both our desks will end up in a year+ time) our requirements for desks just got bigger. After perusing craigslist, both free and used, there just wasn’t one desk that met our requirements…but, I found the perfect desk for Jeremy on sale on, and after getting a coupon off and saving another $15 after tax it was only $93!! SOLD! So, picked it up after work today and now…we have at least one desk that will actually work! Yippee!

Jeremy plans to put it together today and maybe after two weeks of being here, we will finally have an actual computer to use rather than our crappy laptop that’s been getting us through the day. And I can finally start putting that part of the office together! I am so excited. I’ll post pictures once we have everything set up.

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