Monday, December 13, 2010

Diamond in the Rough

To understand the title of this blog post you must first understand the back story….Keeping in the tradition of the Perkins family, my first computer was named Sapphire (my birthstone) and my network is Gemsnet. The fun part about that is the computer was my laptop and it actually had a blue case on it. I still have that laptop, and since then have my desktop (Diamond) and my mini laptop (Ruby – she is red too!).

So back to Diamond – well, she’s up and running again! Yay!! And so is our office, mostly. It’s little disorganized, and the daybed…well, is still missing a piece so you can’t even sit on it…but it’s a work in progress. But the important part is we both have desks and we both can use the computer at the same time again – without burning our legs as the laptop keeps overheating.

What did we do about our desk problem you may be wondering? Well, we put together the new one we bought – and then realized that we could still fit one of the corner desks in the closet/wall area. So picking my desk, since it was in the best shape, we took down the closet doors, set up the desk and poof! We have a working office! And when I say “we” I mean Jeremy :) Good job honey!!

So while he was hard at work on the office, I was painting and installing shelf paper to our vanity. The previous owners had painted it dark brown, over the old wood color it had previously been, and it looked a lot better but it is missing the front middle door and the inside looked disgusting. Not to mention its just old and needed a facelift. So I gave it one...

Before pictures:

After pictures:

Much better huh? :)

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