Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Moving Week in Review

So after a very busy week we are officially all moved in! Here’s a breakdown for you of what has been going on since I last posted.

Friday, Nov 19th – The house closed.

Saturday, Nov 20th we spent all day packing, oh what fun! Here was a quick pic I took of our office – and that was only half packed! Eeks!!

Sunday, Nov 21st – We got the keys! It wasn’t until 6pm but it allowed us time to go in, measure and make a Lowes trip before the day was over!

Monday, November 22nd – This was remodel day, but it didn’t go quite as planned…not only did we wake up to snow on the ground which of course made every trip to and from the hardware store take twice as long, but the house just didn’t want to cooperate with us.

We originally planned on putting lighting in the upstairs bedroom, but to our sadness the wiring done in the house was not quite normal – something about a hot and a neutral being in the plug in part rather than the switch, and sharing them too….I don’t know, way to technical for me, I just know that it would require a whole rewire to make it work! Way to much work for now – lamps it is!

Then we wanted to install these awesome door handles and deadbolt on the front door, but the drill didn’t work and I had to go buy a new bit, then another part didn’t work and we had to go again…and with the snow it got to the point that we had to put it off for the next day – and do you know what that meant? We had no lock on the front door for a day! We added one of those latch things that keeps it from opening more than a few inches – and that’s what secured our door for the night…oh well, no robbers/vandalists are out in the snow anyway right?
But we were able to install our new garage man door leading to the backyard and its locks no problem. Isn’t it beautiful?

And the old door…..

Have to say thank you to my dad, Howard for all his hard work - without him our door would probably still be unlocked and we'd have that ugly door sitting in our garage still on the wall - yuck!!!

Tuesday, Nov 23rd – Still snowing, we had to of course go back to finish locking up and moving a few things over at a time. Since Jeremy didn’t have school we went together, did a little patch work on the master wall, waited for carpet cleaners and then went home to keep packing and let the rugs dry.

Wednesday, Nov 22nd – Woke up bright and early this day for our day of insulation! My brother Kevin was awesome and helped us out a whole bunch, and even though Jeremy and him got a late start cause they couldn’t get the machine to work right away we finally got it done by 9pm that night….I should have taken more pictures, my poor brother was out in the snow feeding this machine, Jeremy was up in the attic blowing out the insulation – and when I came back from my trip to get boxes they looked like chimney sweepers covered in soot! See my one picture of Jeremy here:

Once the sun went down I became flashlight girl and sat out in the cold with Kevin while he kept feeding the machine…it was miserable. But…its done! and we now have a whole attic of insulation :) yay!

Thursday, Nov 25th – Thanksgiving and our day off! We did have a wonderful time at my parents house, my mom cooked up so much food we could have fed at least 3x the amount of people that were actually there, but that meant lots of leftovers and we took home 3, oh yes I said THREE, pies to our new house! 6 pies, 5 people – what was she thinking! ;)

Friday, Nov 26th – 1st day of moving, our friends were great! Kevin and I returned all the unused insulation we bought that morning, and the machine. Then with Anthony’s help moved over our first load of the day. After that we did two more loads with our late riser friends and were able to move over all the packed boxes, tv and all our electronic equipment….with all of that out of the way, Jeremy and I were then able to see all of the stuff we still had to pack – and we were up till 1am doing so.

Saturday, Nov 27th – Movers came bright and early at 8am, wow was I tired. Moved everything in 3.5 hours and what is left at the apartment….well, I’d like to say nothing, but there was still a few things – one carload to be exact….only one! we did much better this time then last :)

And that basically brings us to the end of the week – a few more trips to the apartment to clean up, make sure it was all good and turn in our keys…and here we are, December 1st, no apartment and in a house….full of boxes mind you, but a house either way!

For fun – here are some pic’s of our really messy house and all the boxes we have to unpack and organize….

What I like to call the furniture graveyard:

And our very full garage....ugh....

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