Friday, March 23, 2012

29 Weeks!

I'm going to start off this post with the admission that we got NOTHING finished this weekend. BOO!

Oil based primer is the DEVIL. Yep, I found him. He's this liquid substance that looks so deceiving and then you try to put him on wood and he's so sticky it takes all your effort to get an even coat. EVIL I tell you, PURE EVIL!

To add to that - my diy feelings have been dashed and I no longer trust what I read. I mean jeez....Young House Love (here) makes everything look so dang EASY! and let me tell you - its not always cake and roses. I initially got the idea for the laundry room from them and modified it to work with our space. It should have been a quick project - oooohhh nnoooo....not in our house anyway. But, painting is finally done so hopefully this weekend will have better results.

And speaking of this weekend, its going to be a busy one. In addition to wanting to finish the laundry project Jeremy has plans for a landscaping extravaganza with his guy friends - so they're going to be out back clearing, leveling and getting the backyard ready for grass. YIPPEE!!!! I put him 100% in charge of this project, since I'm of absolute no use to heavy work anymore and I have enough on my plate. And that of course is my own fault, I keep going back for seconds when I haven't even finished the first thing I had. On our current list:

  • Finish laundry room shelves

  • Move cat box downstairs

  • Get backyard to grass state

  • Clean out and organize office

  • Do taxes

  • Add closet system to baby's room

  • Wash/organize the baby stuff that has been passed down to us

  • Refinish and recover rocker for baby's room

  • Pickup bookshelves from Ikea and paint

Plus who knows what else we'll need for the baby's room as well....but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. The sad thing is, past this weekend we pretty much have something going on EVERY weekend from the 31st to the 1st weekend of May. We are busy!!! Here's to hoping we get it all done!

How far along?: 29 weeks

Total weight gain: 17 lbs, no gain from last week, although I feel her getting bigger. She's definitely getting to the point of not having very much room...

How big is baby?: About 15 inches, 2 1/2 pounds - The size of a butternut squash!

Maternity clothes?: All I'm wearing. I've now even broken into the stuff that was at one time to big...and my favorite shirts, are started to get too small, I hope they make it a couple more months!

Stretch marks?: No more than before. Still lotioning up 2x or more per day!

Sleep?: Waking up again 2-3 times per night. She's moving around at night a bit more than she was before and I think she hits my bladder to wake me up. Everyone keeps saying "oh this is preparing you for when the baby comes" and I have been laughing at that - with the sarcastic comments of "nothing can prepare you, its sink or swim at that point" and I went to lunch with my old boss (a guy) and he confirmed my feelings are there :P stop saying that to me people and let me sleep!

Best moment this week?: Is it weird that Monday was so productive, Jeremy did painting, I got Costco shopping done, we cleaned, cooked and then relaxed on the sofa. And that's my favorite day? With all the stuff on our list, it felt good to accomplish something....

Movement?: Even more now that she's running out of room. I can basically eat a small snack and guarantee movement within 30 minutes. She's stopped with the big kicks though, I'm hoping she'll start up again so some of my friends can feel her :).

Food cravings?: Nope.

Labor signs?: I'm not sure what braxston hicks contractions are - but I think I had ONE. Is that possible? it was a sharp pain that started in my lower belly and went backwards, lasted a couple seconds and then went away...and nothing since.

Belly button in or out?: In. Jeremy keeps joking its going to be an outy soon...but its not even that shallow yet.

What I miss: Being able to do stuff without getting absolutely exhausted. And that includes the simplest tasks, like putting on my shoes without loosing my breath because she's wedged against my lungs or the harder ones like painting....cause I know it took me 5x as long just because I had to stop and rest.

What I'm looking forward to this week: Hunger games! Tonight with the girls! Good times!

Weekly Wisdom: Get the big stuff done in your 2nd trimester, cause you'll be back to exhausted by the 3rd.

Milestone: Time to start counting kicks! Books say you should feel 10 movements in an hour...I feel so much more now!

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  1. At least for me, Braxton Hicks aren't painful - but sometimes they take my breath away a little. By belly gets super tight, and if you touch your stomach with your hands you can feel it :)