Friday, March 30, 2012

We have a Name!

So at 30 weeks, and 3/4 of the way there - we have finally settled on a name. Our little Bee, as I've been calling her will have the name of:

Brianne Madison Weaver.

We absolutely love the name. We actually settled on this name years ago, we were discussing names at one time and he liked the name Madison Brianne. I didn't really want to have Madison as a first name though cause it feels like there are a million Madison's, but I loved the combination, flipped it around and we both adored it. We tossed around a few other names for the past few months, but when it comes down to it, this one just feels right. The other day my girlfriend used the name in a sentence, I giggled and at that moment just knew that was the name to go with. So we decided it was okay to let the world know now :). One of the best things about her name is all of the nicknames she could have. Her initials are BMW (not planned - just happened) so nicknames can range from Bri, to Beemer, to of course my little bee, which is why I've been calling her that. Bee or bebe, lol. Jeremy however has been calling her kickin chicken...I hope it doesn't stick.

How far along?: 30 weeks

Total weight gain: 19 lbs

How big is baby?: About 15 3/4 inches, 3 pounds - The size of a head of cabbage

Maternity clothes?: Of course.

Stretch marks?: No more than before. Crazy how my belly is stretching though. Every now and again i get this dark circle around my belly button, its funny!

Sleep?: Doing okay, no more no less.

Best moment this week?: Getting so much done in the backyard! The boys did such a good job, they basically cleared out everything! the place is pretty much flat, we even brought in a load of dirt. We would have done more, but the dirt place closed - so the next sunny day we just need to bring in 1 or 2 more loads and then we'll be ready to plant grass! I'm so excited! the backyard looks fantastic - and HUGE!

Movement?: Yep all the time. She likes to snuggle up on my right hand side right under my ribs.

Food cravings?: I realized the other day that I am constantly wanting red velvet cupcakes! I never really even liked them before and now I can't get enough!

Labor signs?: So this weekend after busting my booty I started feeling rhythmic contraction like feelings, didn't hurt, was very soft - but from what people say those are braxton hicks. Haven't felt them since, I think it was my body saying - slow down!

Belly button in or out?: In.

What I miss: Being able to weed! LOL...bending over is such a challenge now, weeding was basically impossible. Oh well - so my front yard won't look so great this spring, I'll get to it ;).

What I'm looking forward to this week: Getting those stupid laundry room shelves up - what are we on? week 4? ugh!

Weekly Wisdom: Rest, drink lots of water, and become the errand girl!

Milestone: 75% of the way there! 30 of 40 weeks! I can't believe it!!!

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