Friday, March 11, 2011

Thrifting fools!

So last weekend Jeremy and I went thrift store shopping. It was a fun event that took us from Everett to Seattle in 3 hours time. We hit many different Value Villages, Goodwill’s and Pawn shops. We didn’t find a lot but what we did find we are totally excited about. Okay, I’m totally excited about them, but he’s excited that I’m excited so we both have lots of excitement going on!

Our first find of the night. A rocking chair!

I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but picture it painted white and then recovered in some funky fabric! A big project maybe, but fun. And I can’t wait to get started on it. The seat and back come off really easily with some bolts on the bottom & back. So painting should be a breeze. And since we have gallons of various white paint that part is practically free. The chair itself was $24.99 and then I also found 10 sheets of sand paper at goodwill for $1.50! Now I just have to find fabric and we’ll have a beautiful chair for way less than any you’d find in the store. Not to mention the love that goes into it. a perfect chair for a future child.

Second and last find of the night. A shoe rack.

I originally bought it thinking it would be for the garage, but after bringing it into the house I found it fit perfectly in our entry way – gave us more storage and looked a lot better than the previous one I had there. And for $6.99 how do you beat that!

Here is a picture as it sits in the entry way. Its not really an entry way, more of a landing since it is a split level, but we hung a coat rack there to give it a more "entry" look...and i think the shoe rack helps complete that :).

So wish me luck on my rocking chair project, I’m going to need it…I’ll keep you posted on its progress!

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